A Year With A Difference

Different Year 2020

Wow, what a different year this is turning out to be. After a long lockdown, things are slowing returning to a new normal.

I never thought we would be wearing face masks to go shopping and having to limit who we socialise with and where we could meet others!

There were parts of the lockdown that made a difference – such as fresher air when we went out walking, less traffic to negotiate on the local roads .. the harder part was not being able to visit family and friends.

I learned to cook lots of different recipes, explore a variety of herbs and spices and experiment more – as I had lots of time to do it. That was fun. In fact the daily rituals of breakfast, lunch and dinner became a focal part of each day.

Even going out food shopping was something I looked forward to, a time to be out and about, selecting foods to meet the recipes I had found.

Thank goodness for technology too. At least we could speak to others on the phone, use zoom to meet up with a group of people and use various Apps to communicate, even work online. If this had happened when I was a child, things would have been a lot harder, as most of this technology didn’t exist, apart from the phone and these were hardwired, no mobiles.

I wonder how things will progress now. The world seems to have changed dramatically within a number of months.

I am so grateful for all the countries I have visited over the years for holidays – the freedom of being able to travel and explore the world. Being able to go shopping in town and make it a real social occasion with coffee stops and lunch. Visiting friends and family and taking it for granted we could do this whenever we liked.

Now it takes more thought, at least for now. Making sure we have face masks in every bag, planning for a trip, having to check if places are open for food and drinks and then booking, being careful with our health before we plan a visit to family and taking more precautions on where we go and what we do, than ever before.

What a strange year – I wonder if it will return to the old normal, or close to it. Some things will of course be different for some time, to protect ourselves and those we love.

Best Wishes to you and your loved ones – keep healthy and safe.

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