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Hey, great to have you here – how are you doing?

More importantly, why are you here?

Just to tell you a little about myself, as I want us to get to know each other….

I started my career in the Retail Business and loved it until the hours took over and I didn’t have a weekend anymore, so thought it was time for a change. So I moved into Communications and built up my skills over the years across a wide range of areas and enjoyed the corporate journey.

As my partner was working silly hours in the city, I began to learn about internet marketing in 2008 in the evenings. I loved learning and so developed a wide number of websites and taught myself pretty much how to set them up and how to populate them. However, my enthusiasm for learning, got the better of me and within a few years I had set up over 30 websites with a variety of content and interests but had spent more than I was making! Does this sound familiar at all?

I found a mentor much later on and he helped me to see that my focus was all over the place and that I needed to pick one area and build that up. This made a big difference and began to help me build a wider community of like minded people, which I had missed before, working on my own. This led me on to develop an area I am passionate about – Gratitude – and this became my blog and focus for a couple of years. At the end of 2013 I made the big decision to leave my day job, close my old blog and write a book based on the content. Along with online trading, which was also another passion of mine these two areas filled my time, until a puppy came along!

Having a puppy has been a total joy to me, but I had forgotten how much time and energy it takes to look after one! So trading and blogging went out of the window for a while. Then something caught my eye again about internet marketing and as I had more time again, to move back into it.

So here I am, keen to help people again find their way through the IM maze and provide information, tips and ideas on how to make that second income. Hopefully we can share experiences and connect, so that as internet marketeers we never feel alone online again.

Best Wishes,




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