Procrastination and Fear of Success

Are you a procrastinator? If yes, then know that you’re not alone. We all procrastinate at times. But don’t let it turn into a habit.

You know it’s become a habit when you push everything into the back burner just because the deadline’s still far away.

So, you prioritize the less important things because you’ve still got ‘time.’ Problem is you get carried away with what you’re doing, and you eventually lose track of time. Before you know it, your deadline’s coming up, and you’ve barely even started.

You start working, but then you start panicking because you know you’ll never be able to finish in time. Your dream’s going down the drain. You regret procrastinating and letting yourself and your family down.

At this point, you may very well be close to giving up, or maybe you’ve even given up altogether.

You’ve wasted so much time. Time that you can’t ever bring back. But you’ve still got life in you, right?

So, if you really want to achieve something, you can still go back out there. You can still fight for your dreams. It’s only you who’s stopping yourself from reaching your goals. Stop procrastinating and start taking action! 

Fear of Success

Everyone knows about the fear of failure, but not everybody knows the fear of success also exists. But, why should you be? You want to achieve your goals, right? You want to become what you’ve always wanted to become. Why would you be afraid when you’re so close to getting what you want?

Success means change. And many people are afraid of change. They’re afraid of leaving their comfort zones behind. They’re afraid of success disrupting the balance, the peace, and quiet in their lives.

They’re afraid they’re going to become an entirely different person (they probably know of someone who let success get to their heads and became totally nasty individuals). But not everyone’s like that.

You know yourself best – will you turn into a monster? It’s really all in your head. You don’t have to change who you are just because you became successful.

For others, success means moving into uncharted territory – new faces, new challenges, new expectations, maybe a new culture. Maybe you don’t want to deal with that just yet, so you’re trying to delay your success even though you know it’s within arm’s reach!

Whatever changes success brings, accept it with open arms. After all the goal-setting and the planning you’ve done, you deserve success.

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