Thinking About The Year Ahead

At this time of year, we tend to start to reflect on the last year and begin to think about the new year ahead.

The things we want to do, the places we’d love to see and what we don’t want to do!

Rather than make new year resolutions, that can fade once you’re half way through January – how about pulling together some ideas on what you want out of 2020 today?

  • Maybe you want to build out a plan B for yourself and family, so you can escape the rat race earlier.
  • Maybe you want to find a new hobby that will provide you with a new interest.
  • Maybe you want to go on a special holiday.
  • Maybe you want to get fitter.

Whatever it may be, write it down somewhere and ponder on it, find out what you need to start it. Agree a date with yourself when you will start it and Do It!

You are blessed with a new page each day, each year, one that has been unwritten on as yet. What would you like to write on it?

Take a moment for yourself, be by yourself, go for a walk, sit somewhere quiet, have a relaxing bath, whatever will work for you.

  • Consider what you want and why?
  • What will a new day, a new year bring to you?

Begin to write down some of your dreams, your desires.

See them in your ‘mind’s eye’ – test them out to see if they are really what you want.

Make a commitment to yourself to make them happen.

They will only happen if your really want them and work towards them each day.

Ask for help if you need to.

Remember, these are things for you today. A present for you. It can be shared later, just ensure they are something you really want in your life.

‘A thought into reality

Can take years

Can take just a moment

It can be magical

Amazing and exciting in itself

Allow yourself to be

And let your dreams

Become a reality’

Kim 2019

Happy Year Ahead

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