Top Tips for Fabulous Video Marketing

Top Tips for Fabulous Video Marketing

We all realise now that video marketing is very important if you are involved in any type of internet marketing. But where do you start?

There are lots of different things you will need to do to be successful in video marketing, before you load them on YouTube. Here are some of them below.

Thank goodness for Jeff Bullas as he is helping us with some of his top 10 essentials.

1.Create compelling content

Before creating a video, think of what the online community will be interested in. Making a video that is compelling to a niche audience will result in great organic growth.

“How To” videos are very informative and receive great exposure.

2.Optimize your content

After you have completed your video; strategize as to what keywords you want your video to rank high for. Since Google owns YouTube, the search engine giant gives a lot of authority to YouTube videos in their organic search results.

I wanted to rank high for the keyword “Digital Marketing Company Columbus.” The content in my video was geared around this keyword. I made sure that the keyword in which I was targeting was included in the title, description and tags. Within 30 days, I was able to get this specific video ranked #2 in the organic search results.

The process for getting a video ranked higher in Google search results can be faster than a website since there are less videos out there.

3.Create a strong call-to-action

During the video editing process; create a lower third graphic that is unobtrusive to the video content. Including the website URL that you’d like to promote as well as the phone number and logo is ideal for driving traffic from the video to the website that you’re looking to endorse.

Additionally, include a link to your website in the video description on YouTube so people can get to your site by simply clicking on this link.

Another good idea is to create an end screen for the video that has a call-to-action. This will be the last memory the viewer takes away from your video so give them a reason to visit your website!

4. Share, share, share!

Share your video across numerous blogs and social media channels.

The more often your video is shared, the more visibility it will receive. Similar to link building, if your video is picked up on numerous websites, the search engines will view this content as more powerful which can improve your organic ranking for the video.

Additionally, more people will see the video, the more viral it will become which will result in more publicity.

5.Upload your video to YouTube

YouTube is second largest search engine in the world. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month and over 6 billion hours of video are watched every 30 days. Uploading your video to YouTube will instantly get your online video content seen by the masses.


Get another 5 essential tips at Jeff’s blog.

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