Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing is now the one thing you must take note of in your business. It is growing at a phenomenal rate, people love videos and it gets a message across in a simple and effective way.

To help you with some of the video marketing trends, so you can make the best decisions in your business, here is some great information from  Cyberclick.

Marketing trend 1: Video First

“Video First” is a term coined by Facebook to refer to a growing phenomenon: consumers not only want to consume video, but also produce it. That is, the preferred way to receive information and to express ourselves is moving from the text to the video.

As a response, social networks and other medias make it easier for us to consume and broadcast video. In the case of Facebook, this concept has become clear through its live video platform, Facebook live. Take advantage of this new way of communicating and get closer to your audience than ever before.


Marketing trend 2: Live video (or live streaming)

No less than 13% of web traffic from video comes directly from live videos. This new trend has taken strength in recent years and we believe it’s here to stay.

For brands, this trend of form of video marketing presents clear advantages:

  • Live videos are more economical, as it is not necessary to invest in the production and editing phases. Also, once the broadcast is over, the video stays on the platform so you can keep sharing.
  • Live streaming is attractive to users, as it transmits spontaneity and authenticity.
  • Live video increases the quality of views. Users spend three times longer watching live videos (compared to pre-recorded videos).


Marketing trend 3: Square it up- Square shaped videos

The format of the videos is also changing, and this affects all aspects of production and creativity.

While we used to do video marketing thinking in horizontal terms, phones and tablets have gotten us to think vertical. That’s why there are more and more brands that dare to flip things around and create vertical videos directly.

On the other hand, the intermediate solution is videos in square format, which are increasingly successful. Compared to horizontal, square footage occupies 78% more space in the Facebook News section and receives a higher percentage of engagement.


Marketing trend 4: Video and e-learning

There is no doubt that video is a powerful marketing tool, but its profits don’t end there. Videos not only capture action, but they are also a great resource when we want to transmit information in a clear and visual way.

Therefore, another trend of video marketing that I want to highlight is the use of video as a tool for training, either internally in companies or creating monetized content. For firms, this method is highly lucrative, as you can train more employees at a time with quality content. You can even integrate content training and marketing by offering a video course as a reward for users to leave their data.


Marketing trend 5: Mobile video, social and 360 degrees

One of the reasons why video is a winning marketing trend in 2018 more than ever before, is its integration with mobile and social networks. Basically, we all have a video camera in our pockets at all times, and we can use it to share our experiences by the push of a button. In addition, there are increasingly more forms of videography that give us diverse experiences. One example are the marketing 360 degrees videos.


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